You are currently viewing Is a Clickfunnel alternative? Is it good for your business?

Is a Clickfunnel alternative? Is it good for your business?

Are you here looking for another clickfunnels alternative? then you are at the right place because in this blog I am going to give you a crisp and detailed review of a which is an alternative to clickfunnels.

So basically, it’s not just another sales funnel alternative tool. is a platform that gives you all the tools and necessary integrations to run your online business.

I have personally used this tool for my marketing campaigns and I always get amazed by the services and integrations they provide at such a competitive price.

The drag-n-drop template lets you create hassle-free landing pages and opt-in pages to automate all the flow of your online business.

What is

Image Source: is an all-in-one marketing tool that lets you create sales funnels, email opt-in pages, online courses, websites and helps you to automate your marketing efforts.

Moreover, you can also sell your digital products as well as physical products, create blog websites, create automated webinars, and much more.

Perhaps it is one of the best marketing tools for online business owners who don’t want to invest in expensive marketing tools.

Key Features of

  • Funnel Building
  • Marketing Automation
  • Online Course making
  • Email list Building
  • Contact Management
  • Automated webinars
  • Many digital products and services to buy on the platform
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A detailed review of

Funnel Building

Funnels are the best converting landing pages. An attractive sales funnel can generate leads and increase revenue for your business.

With’s funnel builder you can create high converting landing pages. You can also bridge these pages with email opt-in pages, online courses, payment checkout pages, etc.

These marketing setups will help you to automate your marketing efforts and ultimately you can focus on your business rather than setting and monitoring every task.

The best thing about this tool is that you can find lots of pre-made templates in every category whether it is course making, funnel building, email opt-in pages setup, etc.

Marketing Automation

There is a saying in marketing, ‘’If you are not implementing marketing automation in your online business then you will have to work 24*7 by yourself ’’. Automation gives you a lot of free time to reflect on your business growth and process.

With’s marketing automation features, you can easily automate your funnels and generate leads from your funnel. You can also set up email autoresponders whenever someone subscribes to your email opt-ins.

you can automate almost all the necessary actions whether it’s triggering an email sequence or releasing a course to a new customer, which gives you the actual freedom to create a great customer experience.

Online Course Selling

Although in terms of course making and management, clickfunnels has an edge over any other tool in the market. Clickfunnels gives you a lot of freedom to design your course.

One of the main problems of membership site creators is to control who has access to your specific content because many platforms have separate payment platforms and the membership site platform which requires integration between the two. does everything set up for you to give a seamless experience to your customers. It perfectly manages recurring subscriptions of your course and removes their access if they stop paying.

You can create, sell, and host your courses all in one place. It also provides wide integration methods to host your videos on Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia or you can link your videos anywhere else online.

As I said earlier, does not provide many customization options to your course pages. If you want to give a good user experience to your course buyers, you can opt for clickfunnels if you have more budget.

Email list building

Email marketing is one of the most effective mediums for online business owners to build relationships with their customers and make them loyal to your brand forever.

Many business owners struggle to understand their email subscriber’s demographics and behavior so this tool offers advanced features like list segmentation and automated email sequences.

And yes! You can easily integrate your email list into your marketing funnels so that you can automate the whole process.

Contact management

With the contact management feature of this tool, you can manage all your email lists in one place. You don’t have to search for any extra tools for this feature. You can track which emails did they open? What’s the history of their product purchases?, etc.

You can track the entire email record history and narrow down the tracking based on your subscriber’s location. These insights will let you make critical decisions for your business and make adjustments according to real-time data.


Webinars are a great way to understand your audience very well and build relationships with them. It’s actually the best way of creating a genuine connection with your audience quickly. makes it super simple for you to curate your webinar funnels and automate them with follow-up email sequences. You can use a pre-made template from to design your email opt-in pages according to your target audience.

Pricing of

The reason why is the best alternative to Clickfunnel is because of its competitive pricing. has four pricing plans:

  • Free — $0/month- up to 2000 contacts
  • Startup — $27/month-up to 5000 contacts
  • Webinar — $47/month- up to 10000 contacts
  • Enterprise — $97/month-up to 15000 contacts

It offers free trials where you can experience all the features of the platform for a certain period of time, then it will be your wish to continue with the tool or try another one. Or, you can simply upgrade to one of the basic plans at $27/month.

The main difference between all the plans is the number of email subscribers, number of sales funnels pages, domain integration, and blog pages, etc.

Take a took into the pricing plans of

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FAQs about

Is good for me?

The Answer is Yes!, if you have less budget and you don’t want to invest in some expensive tools then you can definitely buy this tool.

What will I get in the free plan of

In the free plan, you can get the following benefits:

  • 3 Sales funnels.
  • 1 Blog, unlimited Blog posts.
  • 2000 contacts.
  • Paypal and Stripe Integration.
  • 1 Custom domain.
  • File Storage space- unlimited.

These are some of the required features for any online business owners that provides.

Which is best? (for $97/month plan)- or Clickfunnels?

For a $97/month plan, there is tough competition between these tools as most of the new business owners prefers over clickfunnels just because of its flexible pricing and features. If you are not sure which one to choose, just take a free trial of both the tools.

Is good for course selling?

Absolutely! provides a cheaper option for you to host your course here. It also automates your daily admin tasks such as contact management and email list management. You can opt for paid plans of for the complete authority of your course.

Can I sell Physical products using the tool?

Yes!, you can actually set up your dropshipping store on and this tool will help you automate repetitive tasks.

What if I don’t like the tool?

You can easily cancel your subscription without any trouble.

Who can use the tool?

This tool is built for all online entrepreneurs, course sellers, website owners, drop shippers, affiliate marketers, digital marketers, freelancers, etc.


Although this tool is very new and requires some more templates and features but genuinely speaking!, I have personally tested this tool for my marketing campaigns and funnel building and I was completely satisfied with the features.

You can take the free trial of this tool and see if it fits your budget and requirements. You can easily cancel your subscription if not satisfied.

Take your free trial of here.

If you are not sure how to make your first sales funnel, there is a program called One Funnel Away Challenge by Russel Brunson(Founder of Clickfunnels) where you can get wholesome knowledge of funnel building and secret tactics to get sales.

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